Experienced in cross-channel digital marketing, we can help increase your brand awareness and reach through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local Search Optimization (LSO) Pay Per Click (PPC), Display Advertising, Ad Retargeting, Shopping Network, Social, Email and Video Marketing.

Reach your marketing goals with our certified Google Adwords professionals.

Search Engine Optimization –  SEO is a vital part of a holistic approach to cross-channel marketing, with direct ties to successful digital and social media marketing efforts. Ranking algorithms continue to move toward understanding user intent, meaning content is still king when it comes to organic optimization, but messaging and value to the consumer weigh heavily in your contents ability to rank organically. Search Marketing Corporation can help you develop organically relevant content that delivers your message and expands your marketing reach.

Local Search Optimization – Mobile devices have changed the landscape when it comes to optimizing for local traffic. Where IP address information was once used for serving up local search results, mobile applications include GPS data, changing the way local search results are delivered. Search Marketing Corporation can help you improve your local search optimization for increased local traffic and less business lost to competitors.

Pay Per Click – The bedrock of digital marketing, advertising with paid search is a great way to promote your business, expand marketing reach, and go head to head with your closest competitors.  Google’s recent updates to the way paid ads are displayed in the rankings have made this advertising real estate more competitive, and potentially more costly if handled improperly. Search Marketing Corporation has a track record of increasing traffic through PPC while driving down costs. As part of our holistic approach to digital marketing, we synchronize your paid ads with organic search efforts and conversion-focused landing pages.

Display Advertising – Smart businesses leverage the added impact of display advertising to increase their brand reach and top of mind presence as well as drive traffic and conversions.  Display advertising allows the use of images, audio and visual messaging as well as increased advertising opportunities across multiple channels and devices.  With over a decade of display advertising experience,  Search Marketing Corporation can take your display advertising to the next level.

Ad Retargeting – In today’s shop around and compare digital world, retargeting allows you stay on a potential customer’s radar by reminding them of your product or service after they leave your website. This is a great tool for generating repeat business or getting a customer back to your website who didn’t convert the last time they were there. Search Marketing Corporation is experienced at creating an ad retargeting program that improves return traffic and conversions.

Shopping Network – If your business sell products over the web, the Google shopping network provides another channel for people to see your goods, essential acting like a second website, doubling your exposure to the consumer. Search Marketing Corporation has successfully marketed the products of companies like Foster Grant, Shark Vacuum and Ninja Blenders on the shopping network. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for your business.

Social Media – A proven tool for brand awareness, word-of-mouth advertising and generating good will, a solid social media marketing program should be part of any marketing strategy. Which social media outlets are right for your business? Let Search Marketing Corporation help guide your social media efforts by recommending platforms that are most relevant to your business goals.

Email Marketing – Email marketing still remains a viable marketing channel for reaching new customers or re-engaging existing clients. Like all aspects of digital marketing, the key to success relies in best practices. Search Marketing Corporations experience in email marketing will help you increase your email open rate, and decrease your chance of ending up in junk mail.

Video Marketing – Did you know that YouTube is the second most used search engine? Not only are videos a great way to promote your business, products or services, advertising on relevant videos can help you reach new customers. Let Search Marketing Corporation help you market your existing videos for improved reach, and promote your business on videos that align with your business message.

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