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The year is 2005. Myspace is sold for 580 million dollars, Facebook began extending its reach from Harvard to other colleges and universities. Google purchased YouTube, and caffeine was what came in a K-Cup, not a pending Google algorithm update. At cubicles in close proximity to each other, the occupants get to talking about building a better digital marketing model and Search Marketing Corporation is born.

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Our Vision

In a nutshell, our focus is on service. We’re not one of those digital marketing companies that are interested in how much money we can get you to spend on advertising. We’re the digital marketing company that is interested in how much money we can save you, while achieving a high level of digital marketing performance.


From our founding, Search Marketing Corporation has donated 10% of its net quarterly profits to various charities to help our sisters and brothers who have come upon hard times. Additionally, we’ve supported local programs such as youth football both through donations and volunteerism.

Search Marketing Corporation is committed to continued sharing of the blessings we receive.



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